Estate & Trust Litigation

We represent elders, family members, concerned friends, as well as professional fiduciaries in all areas of probate, trust, and elder law.

In contested matters, we resolve disputes or engage in litigation as necessary. We enlist the Probate Court in creative ways to ensure families may honor their loved ones' intentions and defend against meritless attacks. We have recovered millions of stolen assets for elders and dependent adults.

In estate and trust administration matters, we advise and guide those who have been entrusted to act for others as agents under powers of attorney and as trustees, as well as to administer trusts and estates following death. If possible, we prefer to undertake such administration matters outside of the court's jurisdiction, with the goals of efficiency and keeping costs to the estate as low as possible. However, should a formal legal proceeding be necessary, we have extensive experience administering trusts and estates in the various Bay Area Probate Courts, ensuring compliance with California law, local court rules, and general fiduciary principles. We also represent beneficiaries of trust and estates where there are concerns about administration being undertaken by another party.