Practice Areas

At De Vries Law, P.C., our team helps individuals and families navigate civil rights violations, elder abuse litigation, and probate matters involving trusts, estates, and conservatorships.

Our unique approach provides each client with a strategic plan to the ever-changing facts of the dynamic scenarios present in each matter. We devise strategies through deliberation of the practical results and legal remedies available from civil and probate law and courts. By juxtaposing decades of civil rights, elder abuse, and probate expertise, our team approach serves our clients in four practice areas: civil rights, elder abuse, trust and estate litigation, and conservatorships. 

We practice in state, federal, and appellate courts, often pursuing public-policy theories that contribute to our clients' communities, large and small. And we tailor each case to each family we serve, with its unique history and often long-entrenched dynamics. 

If you seek to protect a child, vulnerable elder, or person with a disability to prosecute civil rights claims or ensure a deceased loved one's last wishes are honored, we journey with you through the unpredictably predictable legal system to seek a fair resolution, court ruling, jury verdict, or appellate decision.

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