Core Values - ATHENA

We are … 

Advocates, Team-Minded, Honest, Empathetic, Nimble, and Accountable


We are passionate, ethical and strategic advocates; we speak for those who cannot speak for themselves: elders, the disabled, and children. Using decades of experience in the civil and probate arenas, we pursue unique protection, liability, and equity theories to further support public policy and tenets of the United States Constitution and other civil-rights statutes. We staunchly defend children's rights to safety.


We proudly collaborate with our clients and colleagues to navigate the legal system. We represent elders, dependent adults, and their representatives to halt, deter, and prevent elder abuse or neglect, and, where necessary, establish conservatorships to protect those who lack the ability to protect themselves from abuse, undue influence, or fraud. We represent parents and family members caring for children or those with special needs.


We tell all our clients that our loved ones are the most important people in our lives. We insist that our clients be forthcoming so we may wisely champion their causes. We honestly communicate with each other, especially when we make mistakes so we may learn from them! We disclose our blind spots and challenges to meet expectations by preemptively seeking guidance and support from our team.


We treat each other and our esteemed clients, colleagues, experts, and third parties with the utmost empathy. We understand that our clients bring their emotions and history to our sacrosanct attorney-client relationship. We thoughtfully approach each client and matter seeking creative solutions beyond the matter at hand. We know life goes on beyond our involvement. We understand that empathy for everyone involved in any legal process requires we also act as consummate professionals.


We creatively analyze and continually re-evaluate each case considering the best interests of our clients and real parties in interest. We seek logical and legal solutions for our clients and remedies from state superior and probate, federal district, Courts of appeal, and Supreme courts.


We are accountable to our clients, our communities, and each other. And we are accountable to ourselves to ensure we continue to enjoy our life's passion at work--we hold those who commit wrongdoing against the most vulnerable--accountable.


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