Excellent, Professional, and Tenacious

My first contact with Liza was in 2012. She called me. For an hour she listened to my recollections of how our family sagas unfolded over many years. I was very impressed by Liza's keen ability to accurately capture my perspective into a cogent declaration. I also appreciated how supportive Liza was to her client, my cousin, over all these years. This is especially true because my cousin has tragically had to overcome multiple health crises since we all met.

What I have perceived is that Liza's work ethic is extraordinary. She has constantly been involved to not only support her client, but to keep all professionals involved on their toes in a very long conservatorship and trust matter. Liza made sure to both protect our elder family member while he was a ward of the court as a conservatee and also our family after his death.

Although I myself was never Liza's client, it is clear to me that she has an excellent, professional, and tenacious approach to support her clients and their families as a unit. I sincerely appreciate Liza's support for almost a decade to my cousin and our family. I recommend Liza to assist any family with a conservatorship or trust matter in the future. 

– Jim G.