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Case Study – Sasser Trust

The Claims: Dependent Adult Financial Abuse, Breach of Trust, Conversion

The Results: Out-of-state distant family members absconded with assets from a bypass trust, which should have been used to benefit the decedent's two children, one of whom has a significant disability. After much litigation, the parties settled and the decedent's wishes will finally be implemented to pass her estate to her beloved children, including the establishment and funding of a special-needs trust created especially to care for her disabled child.

Liza de Vries and Kelly Dixon represented a professional fiduciary to trace millions of missing assets that were destined to benefit one child with profound disabilities. Hearing that over one dozen fellow lawyers would not touch the case because it one of those “tough” ones, we successfully “followed the money” to identify and secure assets to then negotiate a resolution, ensuring the deceased elder's wishes were honored to provide for her children with differences.