Dependent Adult Abuse By Unscrupulous Distant Family Members

APS contacted us after dozens of lawyers apparently "refused" to help two low-income adults with differences whose mother had prepared an estate plan to care for them, well. But greedy out-of-state distant relatives had already absconded with assets from a bypass trust, which should have been used to benefit the decedent's two children. After meeting with the family and learning more about the sordid history of an extended family that involved numerous unsavory members who became fiduciaries over the parents' assets in their final years, we crafted a strategy which involved a private professional fiduciary and robust discovery plan to "follow the money." Through investigation, we identified and secured over $1 million dollars in assets and dubious transfers between multiple business and person. Then we were able to negotiate a resolution, ensuring the deceased elder's wishes were honored to provide for her children.