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  • Case Study – Caregiver Abuse

    The children of their 91-year old mother reached out to assess what if any rights they had against the in-home care agency they had vetted for their mother's care once they realized their mother's credit card had been charged over $30,000! After an investigation, we realized that the company had placed a convicted felon in her home even though they falsely advertised and assured my clients ... Read On

  • Case Study – Dementia & Reverse LGBT Discrimination

    Two caring children who were not aware of their mother's profound dementia could not understand why their mother had dramatically changed her estate plan in her last year of life to disinherit them and solely benefit her domestic partner. They came to us seeking to respect their mother's wishes and ensure life-long care was in place for the domestic partner. Unbeknownst to these children, ... Read On

  • Case Study – Dependent Adult Abuse By Unscrupulous Distant Family Members

    APS contacted us after dozens of lawyers apparently "refused" to help two low-income adults with differences whose mother had prepared an estate plan to care for them, well. But greedy out-of-state distant relatives had already absconded with assets from a bypass trust, which should have been used to benefit the decedent's two children.... Read On