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I don't normally write recommendations, but I feel you should know from an actual client about an exceptional lawyer, Lizabeth de Vries. She is a Powerful Attorney and will fight for you till the end.

Years ago, I was taking care of my elder family members, Aunt & Uncle. They granted me power of Attorney so I could hire caregivers and renovate their home so they could age together and die where they had lived and loved for decades. First, I had to take them out of a board and care where they were dumped by another family member. After Aunt passed away 4 months later in her own home with her husband of a half decade, I was accused by a high-power Attorney that I'd better get my own Attorney to respond to false accusations of elder abuse and taking their money.

That's when I found Liza. For the next 8 years, one Petition after another was filed with false statements about me and my Uncle. Liza ensured the safety of my Uncle through conservatorship by family members, and, that the court acknowledged my efforts were appropriate to protect my elder family members.  

Honestly I am not that comfortable with all the legal terminology to describe what happened in court over all these years. But what I can tell you is what a fantastic job Liza did – it was unbelievable. After years of legal papers and hearings and processes that made no sense to me, I knew I was never alone. And when we finally got to present my evidence at a contested hearing to correct a slew of false allegations, Liza was a master – she was amazing.

Working with Liza and her associate Kelly Dixon to develop and execute all of the many steps to complete court requirements before this hearing, there is one thing I know. With Liza and Kelly on your side, you can be sure that your and your elder beloved family members' interests will be protected. 

– Diane J.


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