Compassionate, Tireless, and a Fierce Ally

Our five-year-old child needed to attend on-going medical appointments to diagnose and treat his behavioral disorder. We were forced to take time off work to meet with doctors, specialists, and educators. While my work was flexible, my wife experienced discrimination, retaliation, and harassment by her employer, a major international corporation.

When my wife requested an accommodation to attend medical and school appointments with our son, her employer ignored and then denied the request. Then her employer changed her schedule so that she would have even less time with our son. They then went on to harass her for the slightest infractions -- being 5 minutes late while at a doctor's appointment. Despite their duty to investigate our formal complaint, they chose not to. They labeled my wife's complaint “silly” and continued to criticize her attendance and performance. They also made my wife get pre-approval of times and dates to attend our son's medical appointments, limiting and delaying when he could be taken to the doctors. This dramatically increased stress for a consummate professional woman who was also a mother of our suffering special-needs child. This stress caused a rupture to a cerebral aneurysm, brain bleed, and stroke. My wife was in intensive care for three weeks and spent months in inpatient and outpatient rehab. She had to learn to walk and talk, again. She suffered  paralysis and speech impairment that permanently impair her ability to work, walk, speak, maintain relationships, and enjoy a quality of life.

Enter Liza de Vries.

Although eventually many people got involved in a legal case of this magnitude, Liza was the wind in the sails that moved the whole case forward. From our first meeting, her compassion showed through, always gentle and understanding with my wife, often feeling more like a friend than an attorney. A fierce ally, she worked tirelessly for over two years, advising us on everything in the often overwhelming aspects of the legal process. Her work led to the parties settling for a significant, confidential monetary award.

We can't recommend Liza more highly.

– Brian and Heather