Dementia & Reverse LGBT Discrimination

Two caring children who were not aware of their mother's profound dementia could not understand why their mother had dramatically changed her estate plan in her last year of life to disinherit them and solely benefit her domestic partner. They came to us seeking to respect their mother's wishes and ensure life-long care was in place for the domestic partner. Unbeknownst to these children, the domestic partner followed an unscrupulous estate-planning lawyer's and financial adviser's advice to everyone's detriment. In an unexpected case of reverse gender-discrimination by multiple professionals "assisting" the partner, all the parties in the matter were the victims of elder and gender discrimination. By tracing and discovering "missing" assets, we successfully froze and preserved over $1 million dollars out of the box. After almost a year of hard-fought litigation and dozens of subpoenas and depositions, we negotiated a global settlement to remedy the parade of wrongs against this family.