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Case Study – Michael v. Home Care Assistance

The Claims: Financial Abuse, Neglect
The Results: A 91-year old woman sued the company who placed a convicted felon in her home to take care of her.
The care provider predictably stole from and neglected the elder. The parties settled on confidential terms.

Liza de Vries represented a 91-year-old woman who alleged the defendant falsely advertised it “thoroughly screened” a convicted felon to serve as an in-home care provider to the elder.

Even after the care provider pled guilty to criminal elder-abuse charges, the company refused to reimburse the family. After obtaining valuable evidence through investigation, contentious discovery, and motions, the parties settled on confidential terms.

The California Legislature recognized Ms. Michael's plight in a state-wide report lobbying for in-home care provider regulations to allow elders to enjoy their golden years in their own homes.

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